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1.01 for windows
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A web space builder.

for your family, your company, your college, or your friends, and so forth.

Compared with the generic web space, you donot need to buy domain name, static(fixed) ip address, and host server.

It works on skype P2P net, and  It allows your friends ONLY in Skype to visit your web space.

You are in the driver's seat  for private data, because they  just be in your self computer, or your company's lan,or where you want.

You don't need to worry about the privacy issue, It just like to be your own private networks,compared with generic social networks.

  If you use this web space builder, it definitely results in an efficiency of your team.  It is very usable for enterprise, it is very convenient,when your employees whose work outside, but they must visit some company's web application in lan to work.

However, the software includes an embed high performance HTTP server.

It supports some popular features, such as HTTP/1.1 Persistent Connections,  Partial Content,  and CGI 1.1.

which is the reason that it is very easy to integrate with some web applications with PHP and PERL etc.

As demo release version includes a web application, it focus family, It has bbs,blog,photograph,file share features etc. you can write diary with it if you do'nt want share it to your frends.

Is it very happy or not ? that you see your baby's photogragh with it when you are out.

Moreover , you can replace default http service in this software with Apache or IIS also, we may have more applications on these server,or more be familiar with them. You need modify an item named home_url in config file.


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